Chris Brown's latest single is called 'Don't Judge Me,' but his latest Twitter stunt is making it hard for us not to. CB and his cronies dressed as what appeared to be gun-toting Arab terrorists with beards for Halloween. WTF?

The R&B artist posted this incredibly offensive photo on Twitter causing his 11.5 million followers to freak out as well. Under the photo, the caption reads, "Ain't nobody f---ing wit my clique." While many other celebrities were dressing up and celebrating Halloween, no one decided to get racially bigoted with their costumes.

As you can imagine, fans' reactions to the picture were mixed. According to Hip-HopWired, one person of Arabic decent wrote, "My nationality is not like that and my nationality is not a costume for you to wear @chrisbrown how disrespectful!" Another commenter guessed at what Brown was trying to pull with this idiotic stunt. "Chris Brown [is] trying to break the record of 'Most Bad Decisions Made in a Row.'"

However, one follower felt the photo was funny and chimed in with a joke. The person writes, "How you gunna smooch up on Rih with that beard huh?!" Brown was apparently headed over to Rihanna's Halloween party in West Hollywood.

In the end, the photo is offensive in that it wrongfully links Muslims and Arab people with terrorism. It's a shame that Brown didn't realize that when he and his buddies decided to put on those inappropriate costumes.

At this point, Chris Brown should just stay off Twitter...

Watch the Chris Brown 'Don't Judge Me' Video