Chris Brown attracts trouble like a magnet. The singer's latest legal drama? He has been accused of injuring a female patron at an Orange County nightclub on Saturday (June 22).

The victim, Deanna Gines, also said that the attack was so violent that she might require surgery. Oh boy... Here we go again.

Gines, 24, was in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, as was Breezy. When the bar was about to close for the night, she claims he shoved her to the ground. She told TMZ that the push was deliberate and that she fell onto her knees.

She eventually went to see a doctor, who said she had torn ligaments in her right knee. She was also informed she might need surgery and has another appointment with a doctor shortly.

Gines filed a police report. The LAPD would only confirm that a case is being investigated but would not name the victim.

Breezy's rep told TMZ that she was unaware of the incident, as are Breezy's lawyer and the rest of his team. She said, "None of this makes sense."

Imagine those jobs? Being Breezy's publicist or lawyer? That's gotta be a thankless pair o' jobs.

Breezy's tweets today are zen – perhaps a reference to this incident and latest accusation? Given his history, he is an easy target.