Chris Brown has unveiled the cover artwork for 'Boy in Detention,' his upcoming mixtape.

The cover is designed to look like a series of doodles drawn on notebook paper. It's exactly the kind of thing Brown might sketch if he really was in detention -- hot kicks, a girl in a bikini, and a smoking skull.

The image shows a snarling, grill-wearing Brown, obviously angry about being kept after school. Breezy may be upset, but at least he knows what he's looking forward to once he gets out of there.

As Brown preps 'Boy in Detention,' he's reportedly assisting Bow Wow with his mixtape, called 'Greenlight 4.'

Brown's current album 'F.A.M.E.' continues to churn out hits, the latest being 'Next 2 You,' his collaboration with Justin Bieber. While he plans a fall tour with Kelly Rowland, Brown will be performing at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where he's nominated for a couple of moonmen.

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