Yep, you guess it, Chris Brown is having his best week ever. Just days after releasing two incredible freestyle tracks, 'Real Hip-Hop #3' and 'Real Hip-Hop #4,' respectively, Chris Brown announced on his Twitter page that he's working on his first hip-hop mixtape called 'Boy in Detention.'

"Yes I'm a singer so if this mixtape doesn't reach your quota for hip hop! Simply don't listen," he tweeted. To inaugurate his new rap persona, MC Breezy showed off a mouth full of gold teeth to his fans. The picture (above, left) looks gnarly, but it seems as if Brown is ready to take the rap game by storm without any reservations. He tweeted another photo (above, right) of his heavily-tattooed arm lying on a table with a graffiti-drawn Homer Simpson stabbing Brown with his tongue and another cartoon figure dripping blood from his finger, saying "Ouch." Yes, we know, Breezy's got issues.

Meanwhile, in other news, Chris Brown's neighbors at his Los Angeles condominium multiplex are fed up with him. According to TMZ, condo owners reportedly are calling the singer a "neighbor from hell" who repeatedly parks in spaces for the handicapped, blasts loud music all day and night and races dogs in the hallways.

The building's landlord apparently is planning to get Brown's expensive cars towed if he continues to park in restricted places. Plus, the police showed up early this week to investigate a vandalized elevator door that had the initials "C.B." carved into it. Hmm, we wonder who could that be?

Jeez Brown, we think you're taking this gangsta rap thing just a little bit too far. While PopCrush co-signs your new career as a rapper, we can't condone this erratic behavior. MC Breezy, we are going to sentence you to a month's worth of detention. Get your act together, dude!

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