Uh oh. Breezy needs to keep his temper in check, or else he's going to be in deep trouble, not just with the media, but with his probation officers. Chris Brown's latest headache isn't from Twitter -- it's from his cell phone theft. And reports say the repercussions are a lot more serious than threats from a pro wrestler.

Just a refresher: Cops are looking for Brown because he snatched a fan’s iPhone after she took a picture of him outside of a South Beach club. Brown allegedly reached through the window, grabbed her iPhone and said, “B—-, you ain’t going to put that on no website.” Breezy then rolled up his window and drove away. The police report lists his offense as “robbery by sudden snatching.”

Now, Breezy's lawyer, Mark Geragos, is meeting with the Florida State Attorney's office, Radar Online reports. The Attorney's Office will decide if Brown will be charged with any crime. "The moment Chris became aware that this woman filed a police report, he contacted Mark, who has been talking to the prosecutors in Florida for several days," a source told the site. "Chris says he has nothing to hide and is hopeful that he won't be charged with stealing the phone."

Luckily for Brown, there's no arrest warrant issued just yet. "The matter is still under investigation, and no decision has been made about whether or not Chris will be charged with any crime," the source revealed. "The Florida State's Attorney's Office will decide whether or not to file any charges against Brown."

Here's the rub: If Brown does get arrested, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office will probably try revoking his probation for his battery charge from his infamous 2009 pre-Grammy assault on Rihanna.

The source said that Brown is on very, very thin ice. "Chris wouldn't need to be convicted in the Miami case, if he is charged. The conditions of his felony probation are very, very strict. Chris must obey all laws and not be arrested for any other crimes. This could be a huge nightmare for the singer's probation if he is arrested and charged."

C'mon, Breezy! It's hard to root for you to get better when your temper keeps getting the best of you. Maybe a remedial anger management course is necessary.