Chris Brown may have done his community service despite prosecutors claims that he did not. The person who allegedly said that Brown didn't do his community service has now changed his statement.

Neil Cobb, a maintenance employee who waxes floors at the Tappahannock Children's Center in Virginia, told TMZ that prosecutors misconstrued his words when he told them, "Chris never helped me do floors at the Tappahannock Children’s Center."

Cobb now says that Brown never cleaned the floors when he was around, but it doesn't mean the singer didn't completed the task when he wasn't there. "It's not that I said the guy didn't do his community service," he tells the website. "All my statement was is, he didn't do it while I was there."

"I'm in and out of the daycare center all weekend long," he continues. "So 'he didn't do it with me' doesn't mean he didn't do his community service... People is twisting and turning this around, and I never said the guy didn't do his community service."

We don't know if this new information will sway the judge regarding Breezy's status of his community service. During a hearing on Wednesday (Feb. 6), Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey wanted to revoke the singer's probation because she believed he lied about completing all of his community service. Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, maintains that his client performed all of his duties under the probation agreement.

Brown shocked reporters and photographers when he showed up to the courthouse with Rihanna by his side. According to ABC News, RiRi blew a kiss at Breezy during the proceedings.

The judge, who ruled not to revoke Brown's probation, has scheduled a new hearing for April 5.

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