The saga rages on in the BrOcean fight! Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got in an epic fight -- more like an epic headline-making fight -- over a parking space at a Los Angeles studio.

A physical altercation ensued, with initial reports suggesting Ocean started it. Then it flipped to Ocean being the victim and Breezy the suspect. Cops said they wanted to talk to Breezy, who split immediately after the incident on prior advice from his lawyer. Catch up on all the nitty gritty details of the drama here.

But there is a new development. Breezy wants to talk to the cops to tell his side of the story since he knows it proves he is innocent of all wrongdoing. The R&B star and Rihanna's boyfriend is insistent that he didn’t initiate the brawl and he is itching to tell the cops the truth.

TMZ reports that authorities have confirmed that Breezy's lawyer Mark Geragos (obviously, a busy man with an often-in-trouble client like Brown) contacted investigators and that he is available to provide a blow-by-blow account to prove his innocence.

Geragos' team reportedly has surveillance footage of the end of the fight, which had spilled from the parking lot into the lobby, proving that Breezy's hands are not bloody and that he didn't throw a single, solitary punch. But there's a caveat. The video also shows that Ocean never hauled off and hurled a punch, either.

The tape proves the fighting is between their crews, yes. It's always the crews.

But the tape only proves that Breezy and Ocean didn't raise their fists at the end of the fight. The early part of the brouhaha wasn't filmed, as it took place in the camera-free lot. Perhaps that's where either Brown or Ocean put up their dukes.

Team Breezy or Team Ocean?

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