Chris Brown may have a checkered record, but it's a safe bet there will never be a DUI on it. The 'Strip' singer made a point to have a designated driver after a wild night out with his boys.

TMZ cameras caught up with Breezy outside of the Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood. Brown, surrounded by friends (including some cute girls!), yelled, "CB in the building!" When the car enthusiast was asked about his prized Lambo, Brown was candid. "Thanks man ... I'm not driving it tonight, I had some drinks," Brown said, leaning into a pal. "I'm doing it responsibly."

Breezy was in good spirits, likely kicking back after another week of working hard. The R&B bad boy has a full plate of projects lined up, including breakdancing film ‘Planet B-Boy,’ his new 'Fortune' album and a stint at the Grammys -- where Brown is not only nominated for three awards, but is also rumored to be a performer.

Cameras continued to roll as they followed Brown to a waiting car, where, as promised, he hopped in the back seat. Don't order 'Another Round' if you're getting behind the wheel!

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