Uh-oh. It looks like Chris Brown took quite the tumble onstage. While performing for thousands of fans in Indianapolis, Ind., Breezy fell while attempting to slide down a slanted platform onstage.

The spill happened during Breezy's electronica track 'Beautiful People,' and everything seemed to be going according to plan up until the middle of the song. As Brown walked down an incline, his feet slipped right out from underneath him when, sending him falling flat on his behind. Apparently, it was raining that day, and the stage was pretty slippery to begin with.

Although it looked like it hurt, Breezy is just fine. He recovered quickly during the performance, and even laughed about the mishap in a tweet. He wrote, "Bust my Azz on stage last night! Hella rain but we had a great time!!!! Damn near broke my arm! Lol." He continued, "Look at the video. I tried to play it off so smooth! I popped right back up! Keep it pushing like, 'y'all didnt see s--t' lol."

We're happy you're OK, Chris! You recovered like a true pro. Let's hope there are no more falls tomorrow night when he performs in Baltimore, Md.

On a side note, Breezy's live show looks amazing, complete with backup dancers in illuminated suits and an insanely epic stage setup. Nonetheless, you can watch his spill in the video below, at around 3:10.

Watch Chris Brown Fall Onstage During 'Beautiful People'