Justin Bieber is only featured on 'Ladies Love Me' from Chris Brown's 'Boy in Detention' mixtape, but the song plays out like The Biebs' coming out party in the rap world, since he does most of the work here. Maybe it should be Justin Bieber's 'Ladies Love Me,' featuring Chris Brown?

The beats are dirty and lazy and mimic a whistle, with Bieber's raps asserting themselves while Brown does a little rapping and buttery smooth singing to make up the song's bookends. The Biebs fills out the middle with some braggadocio, though; he's getting cocky and confident in his old age. At 17, he's squiring a super hot babe on his arm in the form of Selena Gomez and millions of ladies love him -- witness the melees, mobs, deafening screams and fainting that occur when The Biebs makes a public appearance. Why not get a little hot on himself?

Bieber abandons his dreamy, somewhat femme singing to go "hard" here. At least it's hard compared to what we typically expect from the squeaky-clean teen. Partnering up with a bad boy like Brown certainly gives The Biebs an edge.

He raps, "Swaggin'/ I'm not braggin'/ But I swear that I could rock ya / Baby I'm not crazy/ I got swag like Patrick Swayze/ Y'know them haters never phase me/ That's not how my momma raised me." Really, Bieber sounds like a hybrid of Lil Wayne and Drake, with the heavy vocal effects and plenty of studio trickery to make his voice transform into something a little grittier and not found in nature.

He engages in a little bravado, too. "I am busy out performing / And I'm going to the top" is another piece of lyrical science that he tosses off. The Biebs even further addresses his critics and the haters, boasting that "I am incredible / Killin' this track was inevitable/ I am hetero / Baby you better know." Zing! We love a self-aware pop star.

The Biebster closes out the rap calling himself "elegant" and references his pairing of Louis V. (as in Vuitton) high tops with skinny jeans. Stylin' and profilin'.

Justin Bieber: Bad Boy ... If only for two minutes on a mix tape track.

Listen to Chris Brown 'Ladies Love Me' Feat. Chris Brown