Chris Brown is still continuing his promotional run for his new album 'Fortune.' Today (June 19), the R&B crooner premiered his futuristic commercial for the project. The ad features a young Asian kid who walks into an abandoned warehouse and is confronted by shadowy figures.

The mysterious shadows are after the glowing cube that's glowing inside his backpack. The kid doesn't want them to have it so he defends himself against his attackers with a couple of acrobatic break-dancing moves. He then runs into a secret room where the glowing cube flies into the wall and unlocks a secret code, which reveals Chris Brown, himself. The singer appears out of the wall and than absolves into the 'Fortune' CD, which the amazed kid holds in hands.

Now it won't be difficult for you to buy Breezy's disc -- just visit your local record store or cop it digitally at your favorite online music retailer. The commercial follows Brown's onslaught of promotional songs and videos for the project, including 'Oh Yeah' and 'Don't Wake Me Up,' respectively.

Chris Brown's 'Fortune' will hit stores on July 3.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Fortune' Trailer