When Chris Brown and Justin Bieber teamed up on 'Next 2 You,' we knew we were in for a superstar match-up. But we weren't quite expecting the epicness of the music video.

Things start off pretty typically, with Brown teaching a pretty lady to dance while he learns how to love. No worries, Beliebers, the Biebs has his lady, too. We see the two teens kissing and exchanging gifts out on the fire escape, completely unsuspecting and happy-go-lucky. But trouble comes upon them when her dad arrives and whisks her away, and it seems like the 'Baby' singer and this girl are trying to re-tell the Romeo and Juliet story. Truthfully, her angry dad is the least of their worries.

Bieber and Brown are in different places for most of the video, so when a car explodes outside the 'I Should've Kissed You' hitmaker's apartment window, we don't know our teen idol's fate. When the song (finally) starts, chaos has broken loose in the streets and everything is on fire.

Shockingly, Brown is very calm as he sings of his love while the flames engulf the city around him. Nevermind the apocalypse, baby Biebs finds shelter atop a tall building, and he too begins to sing his heart out. Eventually, the two rhythmic hitmakers come together in the street and belt the song in the overly-dramatic setting.

In the mass hysteria, Brown's girl gets hit by Bieber's girl's crazed dad's car. Make sense? No, it doesn't, but that's what happens, from what we can tell by the low-quality video. On the positive side, this gives J.B.'s lady friend a chance to escape her dad's grasp, and she goes running into the wild in search of the teenage heartthrob.

Of course, what better way to help a girl in need than to start a flash mob in the middle of the destruction? Brown's girl probably dies as a result of his disconnect, but the Biebs gets his girl back in the end, so that's a plus.

At seven-and-a-half minutes, the 'Next 2 You' music video is more like a freaking mini-film, not that we're complaining. But really, who do you guys think you are? Kanye West? This vid is climactic enough that it really could have been a blockbuster. The power of love is great and all, and yadda yadda, it conquers everything ... But this video seems just a little off base.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Next 2 You' Video Feat. Justin Bieber