Although Chris Brown is mostly rapping as MC Breezy on his new mixtape 'Boy in the Detention,' there are a few R&B tracks equally as impressive as Brown's rapping skills. 'Leave the Club' is one of our favorite songs from the mixtape featuring the sweet vocals of pop newcomer Joelle James.

Who is Joelle James you ask? Ms. James is the newest signee on Chris Brown's production company CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment). A graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, the 20-year-old songbird is a YouTube sensation who garnered thousands of views for her cover tunes of such hit songs like Alicia Keys' 'Unthinkable' and Miguel's 'All I Want Is You." Apparently, Brown spotted her on the video channel and persuaded James to join his team.

The ballad 'Leave the Club' is a great introduction to James and her angelic vocals. On the song, Brown is chillin' in the club when he spots a beautiful woman he wants to take home. "I’ma make you fall in love when you leave the club (when we’re leaving)," he croons. "All I really want you to do is scream my name / And nobody else just love me girl ('Cause you’re bad) / All by yourself, just love me girl."

In response to a horny Brown, James sings come-hither lines of seduction:
"I can feel you looking my way / Like my body’s all alone, you’re in a daze / You think you’re gonna take me home / You know I'm thinking it too / It’s on my mind 'cause I ain’t got ones all I got are hundreds / Don’t I look so amazing when I do it
Why we still wasting time, let’s do it / Get your car."

Produced by the hit-making production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, the atmospheric soundscapes and soft keyboards gives 'Leave the Club' a slow-jam quality that's perfect for urban radio consumption.

You can download 'Leave the Club' and the entire 'Boy in Detention' mixtape here.

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Leave the Club' Feat. Joelle James