It looks like Chris Brown is taking a much needed break from the drama surrounding his love life.

The singer decided to let loose and have fun yesterday (Oct. 11), when he posted a picture on Instagram of him wearing a long black wig with a red knit beanie on top. Of course, since Brown's hair is buzzed down to next to nothing, we'd be pretty impressed if he discovered some super miracle Rogaine, but no, just a simple wig.

And while in the grand scheme of things, Brown seems to be more upbeat by posting the pic, along with the caption "What up ooose!" but his face in the picture says otherwise. He looked  little PO'd -- with a sour puss on his face, arms dangling by his side, and poor posture, we almost get the impression that someone made him put the wig on as a practical joke... Or that he was just adding to hilarity of it all by looking dead serious.

But relax Chris! It's all in jest. His followers seem to love his "new look," since the photo received 98,000 likes and 6,065 comments. Say what?! That's a helluva lot of people. But hey, if your singing career doesn't pan out for whatever reason, you can always play Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu in a movie.

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