Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne help Chris Brown wreck havoc in the streets and the club in his new, 'Look at Me Now' video, which has made its official debut.

"I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club," the 'Look at Me Now' video kicks off. Brown adds, "You can't even get in!"

This video shows an innovative and electric new Brown and features game-changing break dance moves, someone masked by a sparkling disco ball for a face, and a giant original Nintendo controller. The 'With You' singer also finds himself (many times), referencing his man parts.

Rhymes and Weezy give young Breezy a light schooling in his own video, as they each take a significant verse  -- spinning the song towards Brown's edgier side. A smoke-filled, graffiti-covered underground club sets the tone for this video. And even though there are plenty of bright colors, we didn't spot any Doublemint Gum.

'Look at Me Now' first hit the Web in an unplanned leak last week, but Brown tried to save face and say that it wasn't the final edit of his hot new video. "That's not the final edit of LAMN! Watch 106 and park tomorrow to see!! How does a video leak? Cmon son!!" he tweeted on March 9.

Regardless, the video lays a solid ground for Brown's potential big comeback to the scene.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Look at Me Now' Video