Drama doesn't just follow Chris Brown, it rides right on his back.

Since supposedly breaking up with girlfriend Karreuche Tran for ex-flame Rihanna, the singer has been on some kind of spiral lately. It's not necessarily a downward spiral, but this love triangle is so 'Beverly Hills, 90210' that he needs to just move on from both women and call it a darn day. And Tran visiting Brown doesn't make matters any better.

Let's play catch up: Brown breaks up with Tran for Rihanna -- Tran was reportedly blindsided by the whole ordeal. Then he releases a drunken video saying that he's in love with two women. Tran gets infuriated over the video, and yet, she decides to pay him a little visit at his home.

Because that's what normal, sane, non-desperate women do.

HollywoodLife has pictures of Tran showing up at Brown's house yesterday (Oct. 8). Is this a sign that the duo are going to get back together? Did he cast Rihanna on the side yet again? Who the heck knows, but Brown did tweet a picture of a packed duffel bag on Oct. 7 -- leaving all of his followers to wonder if he moved out and was giving the green light to RiRi.

Whatever. All three of them are kind of hot messes in the situation: Rihanna for going back to Chris Brown in the first place, Tran going back to Brown after he broke up with her and said he was not only in love with her, but Rihanna as well.

Hopefully Tran was just there to pick up the rest of her things. Otherwise, we're shaking our heads in shame.

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