On, off, on, off. Will Chris Brown and Rihanna ever make up their minds about the status of their relationship? Apparently, the two are on the outs... again. Gasp! Say what? ChRihanna are no more? Well, judging from a radio station transmission that was issued into the Twitterverse today, the two are kaput and dunzo once more.

Radio station Power 106 tweeted a teaser from their interview with Breezy, asking if he was still with Rihanna.

His reply? "Uh, no, that's the short answer."

A screen shot of the tweet can be seen here. Okay, so that's the SHORT answer. What about the long one? Are they on a break? Are they not "terming" what they are? Are they fighting? We can't even speculate at this point. But we want to know that long answer.

For now, we can just wonder what could have happened. They were all up in each other's grill at the Grammys and RiRi spilled about giving him another chance in her Rolling Stone cover and he was blathering on about how thankful he was for their second chance and that she forgave him.

Is it at all possible that the radio station is playing an early April Fool's Day joke on us?

Whatever the case, we want to hear the radio interview and find out WTF is up with ChRihanna and their status. But for now, we need a nap. Keeping up with these two is more exhausting that a spin class.

Update: If you refer to one of the interview clips below, you can see for yourself that Breezy still speaks fondly of Rihanna. Whether or not this was a case of the media taking something out of context is still left to be seen ... but it sounds like they're totally together!

Watch Chris Brown Talk Rihanna on Power 106.1