There's a bit of a web fracas brewing over something ridiculous and it involve that controversy magnet known as Chris Brown. This time, Breezy is being unfairly targeted. Here's the Reader's Digest version: Brown took a photo with a transgender fan, wearing a tight leather jacket and a curly golden bronze wig. The singer is smiling and leaning into the fan, like he would with any member of Team Breezy. That's what got people gossiping and talking trash.

Keyboard ninjas made a massive deal out of it, with Media Takeout poking fun at Brown for being a little too close for comfort with the "tranny." Ignorant, we know.

Brown reacted to the web chatter and specifically to the Media Takeout commentary by posting a tweet that has since been deleted from his account. He posted, “MTO!!! I have all kinds of fans that come to my shows! I respect each an every one of them."

That caused a flurry of reactions from fans, with some trashing Brown for his previously perceived homophobia while others praised him for cleaning up his image. There was so much commentary about this photo. Is it really that big of a deal for Breezy to throw up the peace sign and pose with a fan who lives an alternative lifestyle?

It just goes to show you what a polarizing figure the singer and GQ Worst Dressed Man is.

Much ado about nothing is what we think, to borrow a phrase from the Bard. What do you think of Chris Brown's photo? Sound off in the comments!