Chris Brown is on a roll. First, he laced us with 'Real Hip-Hop #3,' which we totally loved, and now with this joint, 'Real Hip-Hop #4.' Once again, MC Breezy teams up with 9th Wonder on a banging track, which features charging trumpets and a 'Can't Fight This Feeling' soul sample.

Brown is still puffing out his chest and talking tough amongst his peers. In one line he spits: "Do you think I give a f--- what cha think about me? / I got my chin up/ Brother, walkin' properly / Almost off them papers / So no coppers don't bother me / Walking on eggshells / Father help me please." He also reveals: "Music is therapeutic to my brain cells / And when I'm stupid / Yeah, I lose it/ I don't think well."

This might explain some of Brown's outrageous behavior in the past!

Overall, it's amazing how Breezy raps better than your favorite rapper, despite his knack for swooning the ladies. Fellow artist Kevin McCall (aka K-Mac) spits a hot verse, but it's not really needed on here. This is Brown's joint and he's at his peak right now.

After listening to this, PopCrush is now demanding a full-length studio album from Brown featuring the glorious productions of 9th Wonder. Who's with us on that? Leggo!

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Real Hip Hop #4' Feat. K-Mac