Chris Brown recants Drake's 'Marvin's Room' with his own remixed version -- one that takes on the perspective of the new man in the picture.

Breezy's boys Kevin McCall and SeVen have his back in this track, which takes the line “I’m just saying, you could do better," from Drake's original and gives us all another side of the story.

"Baby, I'll be damned if I'll let him take my place / Don't listen to what that n---- say, he's just saying you can do better / And baby, all I'm saying is he sound like a hater / And baby, he can just f--- off and do us a favor / Mind your business, n---- stop being a hater," Brown sings, only slightly miffed by Drake's attempt to get his girl.

Sure, the 'Degrassi' dude may still have friendly relations with his former flame, the lady that Breezy now calls his own, but at the end of the night, he's the one she gets in bed with -- and Breezy wants that to be perfectly clear.

We hate to speculate (okay, no we don't!), but maybe this is Chris' way of telling Dreezy to keep his paws off of Rihanna. If one thing is for sure, Brown promises the lady in question a really explicit kind of evening!

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Marvin's Room' (Remix) Feat. Kevin McCall, SeVen