Chris Brown loves his mama!

At Saturday night's stop on his current F.A.M.E. tour, which cruised into Charlotte, N.C., the sometimes temperamental, sometimes bratty singer lead the crowd in a rousing, deafening and adorable rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for his mama! It was really sweet and made us forget some of his outbursts to realize he is a good son!

Onstage, Brown revealed that Ma Breezy's name is Joyce and then counts off to three before leading the crowd in the serenade! We'll do a count off of our own. Ready. One, two, three, awwwww! It was quite the artisan version of the song we've all had sung to us at least a dozen times in our life.

All the while he and the crowd deliver the memorable version of the standard tune, Breezy engulfed the woman who birthed him in a long, tight hug. A bit of Stevie Wonder's 'Happy Birthday' began to play in the background and Breezy danced a little more! He's known for his moves.

We hope Ma Breezy had a terrific birthday and that she has an even better year.

Watch Chris Brown Serenade His Mother With 'Happy Birthday'