Chris Brown proves to be one of the most polarizing figures in pop culture today, and he's keeping it up. In two new videos, we see Breezy interacting warmly with fans ... and we see the victim of his alleged cell phone theft pleading with police to get her phone back.
In the first video that surfaced, Christal Spann and two friends are seen talking to police. Spann is frantic and frustrated, while a calmer pal explains to an officer exactly what they claim happened. Spann can be heard repeatedly telling the police officer, "I just want my phone back!"

In case you missed the news when it first broke: Police were searching for Brown because he allegedly snatched Spann's iPhone after she took a picture of him outside of a South Beach club. Brown allegedly reached through the window, grabbed her iPhone and said, “B—-, you ain’t going to put that on no website.” (Her pal confirms this report in the video below.) Breezy then rolled up his window and drove away. The police report lists his offense as “robbery by sudden snatching,” and his lawyer is watching the case very closely -- it could severely jeopardize Breezy's probation.

In the second clip, Breezy encounters fans and paparazzi. Paparazzi ask Brown if he stole Spann's phone, but Brown ignores them. He interacts warmly with his fans, posing for photos and smiling, greeting them individually. It's a side of Brown that the public doesn't often see -- because he's usually being caught in Twitter feuds or lashing out at the media.

In the video of Spann talking to police, she laments, "He can afford his own iPhone!" Yes, he can. He can also afford good attorneys, so we're guessing the truth and the outcome of this incident will only be revealed in due time.

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