Chris Brown is expanding his acting credits with a new role in the upcoming film 'Planet B-Boy,' an adaptation from the 2007 documentary of the same name.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the R&B singer will star alongside Josh Holloway (of 'Lost' fame), Laz Alonso ('Avatar,' 'Fast and Furious'), Josh Peck ('Drake & Josh') and Caity Lotz ('Mad Men') in the "music-themed drama." The film will be produced by Screen Gems, the same studio that backed Brown's 2010 movie 'Takers.'

The film, directed by Benson Lee, began production this week in Los Angeles, Calif. and will head to Montpellier, France thereafter. The original 2007 documentary focused on the history of "B-boying," the urban dance now known as breakdancing. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2007 and has since won several awards.

Brown's dance card is quite full these days. Not only is he shooting the 'Planet B-Boy' adaptation, but he's also working on the follow-up to his fourth studio album. “That is the first part of the F.A.M.E. album,” Chris said at a listening party for his just-released 'F.A.M.E.' LP in March. “I’m coming out with another album six months later.”

Well, six months has come and gone, but Breezy is currently logging studio time, tracking songs for his next release. The album is reportedly called 'Fortune,' and is due out in early 2012.