It's cold outside, but it's steamy at Chris Brown's party in his new video. His new track, 'Strip,' features his pal Kevin McKall (K-Mac), and a bevy of beauties in swimwear -- or less. The track is from Brown's upcoming 2012 'F.A.M.E.' follow-up, 'Fortune,' and the video is appropriately straightforward.

The clip opens with a shot of Breezy standing on a mountain in a winter jackets, cap and... shorts, in a wardrobe choice almost as confusing as when girls wear Uggs to the beach. Soon, the viewer is escorted from the great outdoors to what looks like an overgrown middle school house party, where his guests are even more scantily clad than he is.

During the festivities, Brown ogles women in bikinis, bras and undies. Girls in the clip play 'Spin the Bottle' and feign shock when they make out with one another -- or perhaps at Brown's brazen lyrics, which include "If we ain't freakin' / We ain't speakin'." Hey, at least he isn't wasting anyone's time with faux romance.

Featured rapper McKall isn't left out of the fun, either. The MC plays an accelerated game of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' with two girls in a closet. Once his time is up, he switches with another gentleman. Later on, Brown and McKall sit on the edge of a hot tub, fully clothed, while girls cavort in itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis.

The video isn't that much different from most hip-hop visuals, and Breezy specifically tells women in the song to get naked. The most surprising element of the video is the look of surprise on Brown's face when they follow his instructions.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Strip' Video Feat. Kevin McKall