If you are planning to see Chris Brown perform on his current F.A.M.E. tour, prepare yourself for a steamy show. At the singer's Detroit stop, he decided to give a lucky female fan a "taste" of how he gets down in the bedroom. Of course, all of this was captured on video.

In the clip, we see a sweaty and microphone-wielding Breezy gyrating his pelvis to the beat of his sultry ballad 'Take You Down.' He then rips off his shirt and focuses his attention on a beautiful woman laying on a couch behind him. This must have been an unsuspecting female he pulled out of the audience, but we are not totally sure. As he slithers over to her, Brown starts licking her leg and then begins to suck on her kneecap like it was a piece of candy.

The unidentified woman didn't seem as disgusted as we were by Brown sucking on her flesh. We also don't know if this is part of his stage routine or if this was just a random act of freakiness. Either way, it's probably legally safer for Brown to suck on her kneecaps than to dry-hump her.

The 'Look At Me Now' singer has experienced quite a few YouTube moments on his F.A.M.E. tour. A couple of days ago, he fell onstage during his performance of the electronica track 'Beautiful People.' He played it off beautifully as if he planned it, but it was clear that Brown busted his butt on that platform.

After watching this latest video, we can only expect more off-the-wall antics from Breezy as his tour continues through October.

Watch the 'Chris Brown Kisses Fan & Sucks Her Knee On Stage In Detroit!' Video