Fans lined up for days to catch a glimpse of Chris Brown on the 'Today' show Toyota Concert Series this morning, July 15, and the hip-hop superstar made sure that everyone got their money's worth. Breezy performed four of his hit songs and bounced around on stage the whole time, offering fans a good deal of his signature dance moves.

Given his lack of public speaking skills -- and Hulk-like reactions to foul questions -- Brown declined an interview from Matt Lauer. Still, he pulled in the largest crowd ever to hit Rockefeller Center outside the studio. Roughly 18,000 fanatics packed the streets to enjoy Breezy's pumped up and sweaty performance.

The singer kicked off his set with a much auto-tuned live version of his Doublemint single, 'Forever.' Oompa loompa-like dancers moved behind him, shaking up the stage, before finally, Brown broke into some moves of his own, even giving a little tribute to the late MJ with some moonwalking.

With each song, including his latest single 'She Ain't You,' Breezy got a little hotter and shook off an article of clothing. By the time 'Yeah 3x' rolled around, he was down from suit and tie to white button-up unbuttoned. Brown even cheesed it up for the 'Today' cameras and seemed to be in a generally good mood, based off the fact that he didn't break anything or hit anyone.

All in all, a good day and a great performance from the iconic hitmaker!

Watch Chris Brown Perform 'Forever'

Watch Chris Brown Perform 'She Ain't You'

Watch Chris Brown Perform 'Yeah 3x'