You know, we're starting to think that President Obama should revise his position on Kanye West, whom he famously referred to as a "jacka--."

He can christen Chris Brown with that term, since that is what Breezy is showing himself to be, battling with a valet and threatening him over a nominal parking fee. Like...really? After tiffing with his bodyguard Big Pat, who took a bottle to the head defending his honor during the Drake bottle battle royale, Breezy is surrounded by more drama.

In this video, the valet asks for fee and Rihanna's man gets all up in his face, ready to start a brouhaha. It's like he has a hair-trigger temper and is ready to trip it at any turn. He seethes over 10 bucks. For someone who owns Porsches and Lamborghinis, he should be tipping this valet with a Benny.

Breezy clearly has issues with parking structures. He got into it with Frank Ocean earlier this year over a parking spot. Here, he doesn't want to pay up! Oh, Breezus Christ, get off the cross, dude.

The R&B star was at a charity event at PINZ in L.A. --it's a bowling alley -- when he was asked to settle the bill. Breezy starts stepping to this poor dude just doing his job, snarling, "F--- 10 dollars!" You can hear one of Breezy's henchman, er, crew, saying they have the money and will take care of it.

Notice everyone around him is chokeproof, with thick necks.

WTF, Breezy. Can you ever just, ya know, chill? We'd hate to see you when some real s--- goes down.