It's no secret that Chris Brown is greatly inspired by Michael Jackson. The R&B singer has paid tribute to MJ in more ways than one, and his most recent act honoring the King of Pop came in the form of a mean 'Thriller'-esque impersonation and dance-off.

On an episode of 'In the Flow With Affion Crockett,' host Affion Crockett appeared at the beginning of the show in MJ garb a la 'Beat It' and began to dance like Jackson. However, his performance was quickly overshadowed by Chris Brown, who danced onto the set wearing the outfit from the 'Thriller' video complete with a black jerry curl wig.

After the crowd began cheering for Brown, Crockett played dumb and acted pretty pissed that the 'Look at Me Now' hitmaker stole his spotlight. Brown comically retorted, "I got a voicemail from you saying you wanted me to come here and do this." The duo then engaged in a 'Michael-off,' trading turns at speaking like the singer, replicating his signature crotch-grabbing scream, and, of course, showing off their best MJ moves.

Brown definitely won the battle, but Crockett certainly gave him a run for his money, proving that you don't have to be Chris Brown to pay a worthy homage to the pop icon.

Watch Chris Brown and Affion Crockett Impersonate Michael Jackson