Can't we all just get along?

The ever disagreeable Chris Brown is on the outs with someone else in his crew, entourage, posse...whatever you want to call it. The always-at-odds-with-someone singer had a tiff with his longtime bodyguard Big Pat, ditching him at the airport in Bermuda yesterday (March 6).

Well, if there is one place where we wouldn't mind being left by our boss, it's Bermuda.

Apparently, the two had some sort of a dispute after the aircraft was serviced and everyone deplaned.

An airport official told Bermuda Sun (quotes via Ace Showbiz) that Breezy and other members of his staff flew back to JFK after clearing customs. Big Pat, on the other hand, did not board the plane after some discussions that took place when everyone got off the vessel.

A source said, "I'm not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got serviced and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave."

But not everything went smoothly. The insider said, "Then there was a stall. The security guard got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off."

The Breezy posse went into an airport building for a check in. They went through customs, went outside to smoke and when they came back, Big Pat said he wasn't getting back on the plane.

The plane departed just after 2PM, with Pat catching a later afternoon flight.

Breezy's flack hasn't commented yet. Pat is a longtime Brown loyalist and even took a bottle to the head during the epic bottle battle with Drake in NYC last June. Big Pat is said to have suffered a rather serious head wound during the melee. That's dedication to his boss – let's hope the men can clear up any misunderstandings.

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