Chris Brown overshadowed a number of talented dancers last night on 'Dancing With the Stars' with some phenomenal dance moves during a performance of 'Turn Up the Music.'

Breezy lip-synched the track since it would have been impossible to sing live while pulling off the meticulously-choreographed routine. Brown and his backup dancers wore suits and tennis shoes as they delivered a high-energy show on the program's small stage.

The remaining contestants on Season 14 of 'DTWS' — football player Donald Driver, opera singer Katherine Jenkins, TV personality Maria Menounos and actor William Levy — had to be thanking their lucky stars they don't have to compete with someone like Chris Brown.

'Turn Up the Music' is Brown's latest Top 10 hit. The track appears on Breezy's upcoming album 'Fortune,' which hits retailers next month.

Watch Chris Brown Perform 'Turn Up the Music' on 'Dancing With the Stars'