Singer Chris Brown has collaborated with the best including Ace Hood, Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz. For his latest collabo, the 22-year-old blonde crooner teamed up with a band a few may be unfamilar with but may peak their interest after watching this online video.

Brown hooked up with a band called U.G.L.Y., which is an acronym for Underneath Greatness Lies You (Aww, how sweet). The group's front-woman is singer Stormi Henley, a former Miss Teen USA pageant winner, and there's nothing "ugly" about her.

In the clip, Brown and Henley sing an acoustic guitar-driven rendition of Vanessa Carlton's 2002 song 'A Thousand Miles.' During the performance, Brown segues into his chart-topping R&B ballad 'No B.S.' as Henley nods her head and sings along to the song's suggestive lyrics.

We don't know why U.G.L.Y. and Brown are in the studio together, but our best guess is that they are writing a couple of songs for the band's album. We are also a little surprised by 20-year-old Henley's vocal chops -- her falsetto is light as a feather. We haven't heard much from U.G.L.Y., but the band has a pretty good future ahead of themselves. And that's no B.S.

Watch the U.G.L.Y and Chris Brown Acoustic Session