Today, Chris Brown released his fourth studio album, 'F.A.M.E.,' and after hearing his song 'Wet the Bed,' we seriously HAD to write about it. It is almost shocking to hear the unbelievably lustful lyrics projecting from Brown as he sings the song, which also features a rap verse from Ludacris.

The title, 'Wet the Bed,' plays on an everyday childhood problem, however, Brown is actually referring to a much more mature topic -- sex, of course. The beginning of the song kicks off with keys laced over a beat that sounds like water dripping (ew), as Brown sings the raunchy intro of the slow-tempo song: "Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip / As I kiss both sexy lip, lip, lips."

The slow R&B beat to 'Wet the Bed' gives the song a sexy quality, and Brown brings this to a whole other level on the first verse. Using blatant sexual metaphors, Brown sings, "I ain't afraid to drown, if that means I deep up in your ocean yeah / Girl I'll drink you down, sipping on your body all night."

Ludacris jumps in during verse three, continuing Brown's trend of making us feel as uncomfortable as possible. "What you wanna do, look at you with your birthday suit suit suit suit suit / The forecast said it's cloudy and I'ma have your body like bloop bloop bloop bloop," Luda raps.

We are interested to know what your take on the song is, so leave us a comment below. Did you find 'Wet the Bed' as difficult to listen to as we did?

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Wet the Bed' Feat. Ludacris