Chris Brown wants 'Your Body' in his latest music video, and he's prepared to walk from one end of the city to the other to get it.

The video follows Brown as he hits the streets of an unidentified urban landscape singing, "To all my ladies, lookin' so fine / There's just one thing that's on my mind / Your body, your body / I want you girl."

Brown does his best Kanye impersonation as he raps the opening verse under a spotlight against a wall, leading to some killer shadows. For a few shots, he's standing high atop a building in a Phillies cap, overlooking the bright lights of the city.

Really, the video has the look of something hastily created for film class. The shots of Brown wandering through the streets could have been collected in 10 minutes.

But that level of simplicity is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially since the clips of Brown hitting the pavement are mixed with arty, blurred shots of women in lingerie rolling around under the covers. The message is clear: Brown is on the prowl, and this night is likely to end in bed with a female acquaintance, where he promises to "make her come fast like she's running track."

The audio for 'Your Body' was released online a year ago but does not appear on Brown's most recent effort, 'F.A.M.E.' It might appear on his next effort, 'Fortune,' or a mixtape that he's considering releasing before then.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Your Body' Video