It's the day after Thanksgiving, but Chris Brown is still giving his fans something to be thankful for. Yesterday the R&B pop artist dropped a new track off his forthcoming album, Royalty—available for pre-order starting today—and now only a day later, he's also released a music video for the track.

"Fine By Me" is an R&B banger with flourishes of early 80s pop melodies that are grounded in modern EDM beats. Thematically, the song is all about a woman who only calls after midnight ("if at all") and only gives Chris her affection in bed, with lyrics like: "She only loves me when the lights are out, lights are out / She only loves me when the sun is down, sun is down / She only loves me when no one’s around, no one’s around / She only loves me cause I put it down / And it’s fine by me."

While the track is, admittedly, total musical fire, it's actually the corresponding music video that's the most intriguing, as it serves as a sort of action-adventure-mystery mini-film.

In the clip, Chris is first seen leaving a city convenience store with his crew before calling it an early night and beginning to head home. Of course, things don't quite go to plan, as he's soon sidetracked by a curvaceous mystery woman who lures him into a dark alley, into a building, up a stairwell, and into a dark room, all the while Chris trailing behind like a lovesick puppy.

Once in the giant warehouse-like room, the 26-year-old artist encounters a diabolical man on an enormous TV monitor, who greets him with, "Welcome, Chris, I knew you'd take the bait..." After a villainous monologue, a battle begins, with Chris facing off against a number of foes Mortal Kombat-style. Watch below:

The video is also a continuation of the artist's previous video for "Zero," and ends on a cliffhanger itself, making it likely that Royalty's music videos will all serve as visual pieces to a greater puzzle.

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