Here's a little story that should restore your faith in humanity and its ability to be honest. Chris Brown lost his $22,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex watch. But thanks to a fan with a conscience, Brown's time piece was returned to him. During Brown's VMAs performance, where he danced his ass off, the watch came loose. Breezy removed the watch, tossing it on the side of the stage for the time being. However, his aim was off and he accidentally threw it into the crowd.

We’re not sure that we would throw a watch with that steep of a price tag! Maybe his white outfit didn't have pockets or his assistant wasn't nearby enough to hand it to or maybe he didn't want to interrupt his focused performance. Whatever the case, he tossed it and ended up in the crowd.

Post-performance, Breezy's bodyguard trolled the audience, asking the bystanders if anyone had nabbed the watch. An honest fan had actually picked up the watch and he gave it to the bodyguard.

Brown's rep told TMZ that "Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan's actions." Said fan returned Chris Brown's mega expensive watch and all he got was this expression of thanks? He at least deserves dinner on Brown's dime. However, given the chaos of the VMAs, the fan might not have given his name over to the bodyguard, so we can't fault Brown. At least he said thanks!