Dakota Johnson may have brought her parents to Saturday Night Live last week, but Chris Hemsworth brought up the hot factor by bringing on his brothers including one you may haven't met yet.

Along to help Chris with his monologue last night (March 7), Liam and Luke joined him onstage first. But before they could officially start, he also invited their lesser known sibling, Callum, who was played by Kenan Thompson. And although it may have shocked everyone a bit, he was given the same love as the other acting brothers.

"Look at this, look at this," Chris said putting his arms around Luke and Callum. "The four Hemsworth brothers!"

While we know something about the others, the skit was spent introducing Callum, who like his brothers is an actor, and does instructional videos for dealing with snakes in the workplace. He also has an interest Australian catch phrase and one sick golden hairstyle. After the intro, they go into a question and answer portion where someone asked what it was like to be named "Sexiest Man Alive."

And after Cullum gave his own response, Chris followed with, "And no matter what you look like, what really matters is what's in here -- muscles."

Then to end the skit, the guys brought on their mother, played by Kate McKinnon. What a lovely, good-looking family, right? You can watch the full monologue above.