If Crazy Stupid Love taught us anything, it's that the ability to pull off the Dirty Dancing lift is an admirable quality in a man. Unfortunately, Chris Hemsworth's SNL promos show us that's one talent he doesn't possess.

It's reasonable to wonder how the iconic film moment ended up in an SNL promo reel, but no worries -- we're armed with an explanation. In the series of clips, Kate McKinnon appears alongside Chris and her behavior is the same as most females' would be: Agape.

However, she zeroed in on the opportunity at hand, asking the Thor actor is he'd be willing to attempt the lift. (Swoon.) "Sure, yeah, I'd be honored," he cheerfully responds, as if he doesn't know he's about to make about five million women melt.

Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned. Kate runs at him, but instead of picking her up, Chris smoothly slides her into -- a headlock? Yeah, we didn't see that plot twist either.

The pair spoofed Chris' heartthrob image in another promo, where Kate can't seem to bring herself to speak because she's so starstruck. To quote Taylor Swift, "I've been there too a few times."

The promos give us a hint at what we can expect from Chris' hosting gig this weekend on March 7. It's his first time in the coveted role and he's clearly enjoying himself in the teasers. (We all know that the live show is even better!) Plus, there's nothing better than a Saturday Night Live host who's completely willing to make fun of himself and his public persona.

You can check out Chris' SNL promos in the video above!

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