On tonight's final performance episode of 'X Factor,' the always smooth and likable Chris Rene performed 'Complicated' with Avril Lavigne. With their black leather jackets and million dollar smiles, Lavigne and Rene exuded a cute chemistry and delivered a believable performance that felt like a "hit" unfolding before our ears and our eyes.

It's always been said that Rene doesn't have the best voice in the competition, but his energy, his overall ability to entertain and the unique way he meshes pop, R&B and hip-hop lite is a winning combination. This performance felt like Rene was guesting on an Avril song, and we all know how huge "features" are when it comes to hit pop songs. Paula Abdul even said that this competition is not about being note-for-note, but about an energy, and Rene's energy always has been and always is electric.

Rene has been sober for eight months, which his mentor L.A. Reid mentioned when introducing his final member of the boys team. Even if Rene doesn't win, this whole thing process been a victory for him.

"Coming in here and hearing someone else sing my song, and he's a dude? He definitely kicked ass," Lavigne declared, offering up a killer endorsement of Chris Rene.

Simon Cowell pointed out that Rene's confidence when rapping was what boosted the performance.

Chris Rene could be one step closer to a $5 million recording contract.

Watch Chris Rene Perform 'Complicated' With Avril Lavigne