While fellow contestant Marcus Canty thanked the woman who gave him life, Chris Rene thanked the man who saved his. "This week I'm giving thanks to Tim," Rene said. "Tim is the counselor at my rehab and he helped me save my life." Tim's inspiration may have also led Rene to his shot at snagging $5 million on 'X Factor.'

For his performance, Rene started out with the Beatles classic 'Let It Be' and worked his way into his own original tune 'Young Homie,' the same song that he sang during his memorable audition. It was a bold move by Rene, but it paid off, as all four judges were impressed.

Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul stood up and danced during his set, and he earned standing ovations from the two ladies and L.A. Reid.

Rene's mentor, Scherzinger, beamed: "Look how powerful the music is that you write!" she exclaimed. "I believe. To me, you're such an example and such a blessing in this competition, I'm so grateful that we have you."

Abdul was equally thrilled. "It's so nice to hear you get back to where we fell in love with you in the first place," Abdul said. "I love you, you did an amazing job tonight."

In his typical brutally honest fashion, Simon Cowell wouldn't allow Rene's head to get too big. "I'm going to be honest," Cowell began, resulting in an audible audience groan. "I didn't think the first song worked. Thank God you went into the second song because you reminded me why you're here in the first place." Cowell was, however, impressed with Rene's candor regarding his addictions. "You may have helped thousands of people in the same place."

L.A. Reid kept his comments brief, but powerful. "You have a tattoo on your arm that says 'Believe,'" Reid told the fedora-loving freestyler. "Well guess what? I believe in you."

As Rene's sponsor Tim put it, "He's a good kid, and he's hard not to love." It sounds like America will agree.

Watch Chris Rene Perform 'Let It Be' / 'Young Homie' on 'X Factor'