Chris Rene is both a fan and a judge favorite on 'X Factor.' He effectively straddles the fine line between R&B and hip-hop but he didn't turn in his best performance last week. He knew that he had to bring it tonight and oh let us tell you. It was brought ... Tenfold. He proved he is a 'Superstar' with his rendition of The Carpenters' soft rock classic.

L.A. Reid said the goal of tonight's performance was, to quote Jay-Z, for Chris Rene to get his swagger back. Mission accomplished.

But the performance was not without its challenges. Material is a consistent problem when it comes to Chris Rene, as he is admittedly better with his own songs. He said that he struggles with learning the songs of others, since he writes about his life and is more comfortable singing his own words. He is able to emote and express himself better when it's from a real place of experience.

But he soldiered on and performed a foreign song. He took the stage looking all dapper and singing all butter-smooth! He ditched his trademark, pulled-down-low- over-his eyes baseball cap so we could see his penetrating eyes. Rene then grooved as he went deeper into the song, dropping his rap parts while surrounded by fire on the stage. It was literally a blazing performance, as he was licked by flames. It was the perfect opportunity for Simon Cowell to take a jab at his "nemesis" Reid and say he put Rene in hell! Uh, it was more like heaven, Simon, since Chris Rene's vocals were dreamy, sexy and self-assured.

Regardless, Cowell remarked, "I love the fact that you are honest." So do we, Chris!

It was a helluva rebound -- pun intended -- for Chris Rene this week.