Chris Rene put his smooth, R&B and hip-hop spin on Sugar Ray's lazy, reggae-influenced rap-rock anthem 'Fly' on tonight's episode of 'X Factor.' It was a big hit in the '90s, but was a timeless fit for Rene.

The song was selected by the viewers as part of the Pepsi challenge promotion where the audience was allowed to decide what songs they wanted the semi-finalists to perform. Nice work, America. You done good by assigning such a chill, laid back song to Chris Rene, since the melody and the vibe played to his strengths. Rene was able to sing Mark McGrath's vocal and add his own original rap part in the middle.

That's what we have come to love and expect from Rene this deep into the competition. He can sing a melody but he really jacks things up a notch when he adds his homemade raps.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger told him he makes us feel good with whatever he sings, while Paula Abdul told him he looked like $5 million, after taxes, mind you. Notice the two female judges were most moved by Rene's performance. He has that effect on the ladies.

It was another solid performance from the charmer that is Chris Rene.

Watch Chris Rene Sing 'Fly' on 'X Factor'