Christ Bearer (real name: Andre Johnson), the former rapper once affiliated with Wu-Tang, infamously made headlines in April when he cut off his own penis and tried jumping from a second story balcony. Now, Johnson has decided to pursue a new career in stand-up comedy.

And yes, he does make jokes about his own penis-slicing incident.

TMZ has video of Johnson at his second attempt at stand-up in front of a public crowd, recorded at the Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club in North Hollywood, Calif. Johnson reportedly spent the summer studying other comedians and working on his own material and delivery.

In May, Johnson told TMZ told TMZ that his suicide attempt was a result of depression over being barred from seeing his own daughters due to a restraining order. Luckily, Johnson survived the building fall and doctors were able to successfully reattach the dismembered body part.

Click on the NSFW video above to watch him make light of the story.