Most of us know that using Google's Image Search feature can produce some odd and/or embarrassing results -- and now Christina Aguilera knows it too, thanks to a bit of unusual reporting from Buzzfeed.

Last week, they pointed out that if you do an image search for "dying grandparents" (not sure why anyone would ever want to do that, but to each his own), you're given a whole bunch of photos of Aguilera. Given that she is neither terminally ill nor a grandparent, the story raised enough eyebrows around the web to take on a life of its own -- to the point that the folks at the Daily Dot felt the need to dig a little deeper and figure out what's going on.

The culprit, as it turns out, was "a June 2012 article from RadarOnline which suggested the singer, who was estranged from her father, was missing out on the last days of her paternal grandparents, both of whom were gravely ill."

As the article goes on to point out, any news story with even the slightest whiff of a celebrity around it will usually include a photo of said celebrity, and since there are an infinite number of celebrity gossip sites busily linking to one another at any given moment, voila -- Christina Aguilera is now the face of dying grandparents around the world. Her latest record, 'Lotus,' may have barely squeaked into the Billboard Top 10, but in terms of Google power, she's clearly still tops.

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