Christina Aguilera's got the to-die-for curves, and she ain't afraid to flaunt them!

In this day and age, when girls with curves or voluptuous bodies are becoming more and more rare, stars like Aguilera are taking a stand and letting them know to be proud of what they've got.

"You got to be a strong, powerful, very confident woman," she recently told PEOPLE with pride behind each adjective spoken. "[As] women, we are definitely under a microscope and under massive scrutiny. As long as I am happy in my own skin, that is all that is all the confirmation I need."

But Aguilera's also got a secret weapon: a hunky boyfriend who gives her power and confidence each and every day. "I have a boyfriend that loves my body," glows the singer. "I love my body, my son is healthy and happy, and that is all that matters."

We love seeing this confidence in her -- especially since the songstress has been battling rumors that she's been checking herself into rehab for alcoholic treatment. Supposedly Xtina spent three separate times in rehab for issues with alcohol addiction in the past year.

With all this love of her body, we can't wait to hear her  supposed new single titled 'F--- Your Body' (or 'Love Your Body,' once it's officially released! She's such a strong female role model for girls and women of all ages, especially when it comes to her role as a coach on NBC's 'The Voice.'

"Being in a position to coach these young women, I am happy to be able to share that with them and share my highs and lows," says the powerhouse singer. "Being on the show, it's a very good outlet for me."

Fans can catch Aguilera on the second season of NBC's 'The Voice,' which is set to premiere on Feb. 5, following the Super Bowl. Aguilera will be joined on the coaching panel by country star Blake Shelton, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green.