Normally, a common corporate America gripe is that it's the men who get paid more in the workplace, but not when it comes to NBC's ratings smash 'The Voice' and its sole female coach, Christina Aguilera.

In the Hollywood Reporter's in-depth look at the show via a cover story, it is revealed that Aguilera earns more than $225,000 an episode. An episode! No wonder she takes the gig so seriously and dispenses loads of  maternal warmth and, honestly, good advice to her team members. She really cares about the contestants and since her last album, 2010's 'Bionic,' failed to ignite, the show is the perfect vehicle to reposition the singer's viability in the Lady Gaga-dominated pop music world.

The show costs a small fortune to produce and Aguilera is raking in a lot more than her co-coaches. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green are each raking in around $75,000 a piece. So all three of their salaries (which are by no means a pittance) combined equal that of Aguilera's. Girl's gettin' paid.

The gripping THR cover story also looks at how the show was shopped and how the producers wanted top talent that could perform and that had a cache in the current climate. The story also alleges that the judges were attracted to the show due to the niceties; it's not about tearing the contestants down, but about building them up.

The story also reveals that John Mayer was being considered for a role as coach.

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