Good news, Xtina fans! Christina Aguilera is putting blood, sweat and tears into her upcoming album. Aguilera promises the followup to the underwhelming 'Bionic' will be "amazing."

'The Voice' coach talked to the show's social media correspondent, Christina Milian, about her work-in-progress (quotes via MTV). When asked about the album, Aguilera responded that her coaching duties have gotten slightly in the way of its release, but it won't be much longer til we hear it. "Well, I started [it] whenever I started this show, and then [the show] kind of took off into this big thing. So the show used to be a side project [and it] kind of turned into a bigger time-fulfilling, dedicated project for me," she said.

I've been in the studio, hard at work," she told Milian. "Different producers I'm working with have just excited me so much and have given me amazing tracks and beats and material I've been writing to and [with] writing partners. It's just filled with fun and excitement, and it's gonna come out later this year, and I'm very, very excited to share it with my fans, finally."

The hard work is sure to pay off. Aguilera's been training her infamous pipes with vocal coach Seth Riggs, and she even admitted that influences from 'The Voice' would emerge in her own work. “I went into this show, looking to have a great time, a laugh with the boys, and put my heart and soul into coaching amazing, raw talent and real vocalists," Aguilera said. "At the end of the day, it is nice that it’s going to surface in my own music and on my own albums."

That's gonna be a lot of influence -- she's already signed on for season three this fall!