After Lee Koch and Lindsey Pavao finished singing Nirvana's 'Heart Shaped Box' on 'The Voice' Monday night, all four coaches just sort of tilted their heads and said "Huh?" Christina Aguilera's contestants rearranged the early 90s rock song into something Bella and Edward would karaoke in a 'Twilight' movie.

Adam Levine said it was an "incredibly, delightfully, creepy performance." Koch, the full-time baker aspiring to be a folk singer hadn't heard the song in ten years, but between rehearsals he made the song his own. From the beginning it was clear he wasn't the same struggling nervous contestant he was while rehearsing with Aguilera and Jewel.

Conversely, Pavao was challenged with stepping back. "Really study the structure of the melody," Aguilera said, "and then you can put your personality into it." Pavao was under the tutelage of Lionel Richie, whose challenge was to build the Sacramento, Calif. native's confidence and stage presence.

The final performance was one you may not have wanted to watch alone. Cee Lo Green said Koch looked like Jesus at times, while Pavao's performance was reminiscent of Evanescence singer Amy Lee. The other judges were split, which left it up to Aguilera to decide alone. For a long moment she stared at the ground, giving viewers a good look at the rhinestone satellite that covered her crown.

"It's gotta be Lindsey!" It could have gone either way, but the pop singer said she was drawn to Pavao's potential and versatility. For Koch, it's back to baking -- though we think he has a future in song too, just not here.

Watch Lindsay Pavao and Lee Koch Perform 'Heart Shaped Box' on 'The Voice'