With Christina Aguilera's Nashville pink hair now on our radar, Katy Perry's cotton candy-colored coif instantly came to mind. Whose hot pink locks do you like better?

When Christina Aguilera initially teased her role on Nashville, she shared a picture of herself with a dramatically different look -- she was a brunette! However, in the most recent sneak peek clips, it looks like her character changed up her look yet again, sporting some seriously pink hair with an even bolder blue streak. Totally badass! While her "Come On Over" red lowlights will always have a special place in our heart, we love that Xtina can still rock the vivid hue decades later.

Even though Katy Perry hasn't rocked the pink hair in several years, is there really anything that screams "Katy Perry!" quite like the bold color? Sure, she's dyed her hair every color from "slime green" to wine, but there's something about that sassy hot pink that just describes Katy's personality in a nutshell. It's vibrant, flirty and makes no apologies -- just like Katy Perry herself. Not to mention that if anyone can rock the happiest of all hues, the "Roar" singer certainly can.

Whose pink hair do you like better? Cast your vote for Christina Aguilera or Katy Perry in the poll below.

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