Christina Aguilera is adding a little authentic Latin flare to Will Ferrell's upcoming Spanish comedy, 'Casa de Mi Padre.' Her track, 'La Casa,' which is sung in completely flawless Spanish, will be featured on the movie soundtrack.

Even though this flick is supposed to be a joke and a mockery of a different time, packed with big guns and wars over women, laying on the big vocals is no joke for Aguilera. In this song, she sings dramatically over horns and a slow mariachi beat, as she describes "la casa de mi padre" -- which translates to "my father's house." If we had to wager, we'd bet this tune will nestle itself ironically somewhere in the hilarious Farrell film.

Honestly, if we didn't already know that this song was expected to fit into a comedy movie, we'd give Aguilera two stars because it's just plain silly -- even if she does sing her pretty little heart out. Since we know all about the intended irony, and just can't wait to hear the spicy-voiced singer pop up in the movie theater, we're going to tag this one with a big fat five. Who knew Xtina had a sense of humor? We're just bummed that she didn't snag a silver screen cameo!

Following the release of her debut album, 'Christina Aguilera,' 'The Voice' coach gained worldwide success with her 2000 Latin-pop record, 'Mi Reflejo,' which tied her with her Spanish roots. Aguilera is the product of an Ecuadorian man and a German/Irish/Welsh lady.

'Casa de Mi Padre,' which also features 'Y Tu Mamá También' stars Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, is complete and is expected to open sometime this year.

Listen to Christina Aguilera, 'La Casa'

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