Are Christina Aguilera's days on 'The Voice' numbered? Will the singer -- who is working on her seventh album -- bounce from the reality show after this season is over? Possibly.

With the fast tracked third season underway, Aguilera may indeed be fatigued by the series. She reportedly told Billboard (courtesy of Perez Hilton, as the Billboard source is MIA) that the show has prevented her from pursuing her own goals.

"[It] kept me away from my heart, which is creating my own music," Xtina reportedly said. "It's been a joy to be a part of other people's journey, to be able to inspire and be a part of new singers coming up in this business. But I was starting to get really worried and concerned that I wouldn't have the time to go and be an artist again."

That's a valid concern for any artist, especially one that is mounting a comeback from a flop, as Aguilera is.

But while she confessed to being frustrated by the switch of priorities, with her musical career on the back burner while she fosters others, Xtina did qualify her statements, saying, "I'll probably be back. I just need to do my thing for a minute then I can come back and be that much better of a coach."

So does that mean that Xtina will leave after Season 3 to go be an artist and pursue her "heart" for the time being and return for other seasons, now that the show is producing episodes in fall and spring, as opposed to only in the spring? It's not exactly clear, but seems like a real possibility.

It's true that all of the coaches need to tend to their own careers and the idea of rotating judges was tossed around when it was announced that the show would produce two seasons per year.

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